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Life Pro Fit Food Konjac Fetuccine 200g

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Low calorie Fettuccine pasta made with spinach and Konjac, a soluble fibre with low carbohydrate content. Ideal for weight loss diets.

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What is Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine?

Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fetuccine is a pasta made from konjac fibre, water and spinach, which is characterised by its low calorie and low carbohydrate content. Its texture is similar to traditional fettuccine and it has the advantage that it does not require cooking.

Glucomannan (konjac) fibre comes from a plant of Asian origin, specifically, it is obtained from the root of this plant. Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine is naturally low in carbohydrates and calories, providing 12.5kcal per 100g of fetuccine.

 Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine is the ideal, healthy, high-fibre option that you can include in a variety of dishes, replacing conventional pasta and enjoying the properties of spinach.

What are the benefits of Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine?

  • Suitable for vegans. Made with spinach and konjac.
  • High soluble fibre content. Increased satiety.
  • Low in calories. The pasta made with konjac provides 12.5 calories per 100 grams.
  • Low in carbohydrates. Less than one gram per 100g of fettuccine.
  • Ally in weight loss diets: as a result of its low calorie and low carbohydrate content, konjac paste can be useful for those seeking to lose weight.
  • Gluten-free.
  • No fat and no added sugars.
  • Suitable for all types of diets (keto, low carbohydrate etc).

How to prepare Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine?

Rinse Life Pro Konjac Spinach Fettuccine with water before consumption.  They can be consumed directly or cooked for 1 minute, or added during the preparation of your dishes.

Cooking the product does not change its texture or colour.  You can add sauces and condiments as if it were a traditional pasta.

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