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Life Pro Narrow Mouth Canister 1l

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The Life Pro narrow mouth flask is the new accessory designed to drink water or your favorite liquid during or after workouts.


What is the Life Pro Narrow Canister Water Bottle?

The feature that makes the Life Pro narrow mouth bottle stand out is its capacity to carry up to one liter of water or liquid of your choice. It is no longer necessary to replace the usual bottle on several occasions, thanks to this new accessory, you can stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

During workouts, it is important to stay hydrated. Through perspiration and breathing, a large amount of fluids are lost and need to be replenished.

Its cap is made of metal, with a screw-on system. The materials with which it has been designed are of high quality. It is resistant to shocks, falls, scratches and other external factors. It has a strip on the side to provide a good grip. It has been designed in transparent gray and has the Life Pro logo in white on the front.

How to use the Life Pro Narrow Mouth bottle?

For the Life Pro flask you only have to open the screw cap and introduce water or the liquid of your choice. You can combine it with Bcaa, EEAA, glutamine etc. and other supplements to take as intra-workout. 


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