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Life Pro Fit Food Sweety 180g

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Low calorie sweetener available in a variety of favourite sweet flavours. Made with sucralose and erythritol.

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What is Life Pro Fit Food Sweety?

Life Pro Fit Food Sweety is a tabletop sweetener, designed in exquisite and innovative sweet flavours, ideal to include as part of your diet without leaving your favourite sweets behind. 

Life Pro Fit Food Sweety is characterised by being a new line of sweeteners, low in calories. Sweety is the result of the combination of sucralose and erythritol. Both are considered to be two non-caloric sweeteners.

The main objective of Life Pro Fit Food Sweety is to break the monotony in the diet, and add your favourite sweet flavours to any dish. They are a great ally and healthy alternative to sugar for anyone looking for dietary adherence and habit improvement. 

What are the benefits of Life Pro Fit Food Sweety?

Life Pro Fit Food Sweety is the most innovative and delicious way to break the monotony in your diet, and enjoy your favourite sweet flavours:

  • Low in calories. Each portion provides 1 kcal or less depending on the selected flavour.
  • Made with erythritol and sucralose.
  • Adds extra flavour to any dish or recipe.
  • Suitable for all types of diets.
  • Wide variety of flavours.
  • Convenient to use.

How to use Life Pro Fit Food Sweety?

Add to taste to achieve the desired sweetness. Use as a sweetener to replace sugar in drinks, yoghurts, desserts, etc. 1 gram of sweetener is equivalent to 30.5 grams of sugar.

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