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Mr Yummy Black Cookie Crema Choco Blanco 70g

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Mr Yummy Bagel is a bagel filled with white chocolate and spelt in the shape of a bagel, ideal to include in your breakfasts, snacks, desserts or moments when you want to enjoy a sweet snack high in 

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What is Mr Yummy Bagel Spelt Cream White Chocolate?

Mr Yummy Bagel manages to keep all the flavor of a traditional bagel, but in a healthy version since it contains no additives and is low in sugar. 

Unlike other bagels, it stands out for its high protein content, 12% of each unit. This macronutrient is the most important for all those people who do physical activity and want to maintain or gain muscle mass and have to reach specific requirements.

Mr. Yummy bagels are a perfect alternative to the typical sweets, full of sugar and other ingredients that keep us away from our goals. In addition, its dough has been made with spelt.

Mr Yummy Bagel is recommended for all those people who want to enjoy the sweet and delicious taste of white chocolate while maintaining a healthy diet.

What are the properties of Mr Yummy Bagel Spelt Cream White Chocolate?

  • Its dough is made with natural spelt. It has a soft and spongy texture. It is a highly nutritious cereal that stands out for its vitamin and mineral content.
  • It is a natural product, and much healthier compared to traditional bagels.
  •  It has been elaborated without active ingredients and preservatives.
  • It has a delicious white chocolate cream flavor that will delight all those who enjoy the taste of chocolate.
  • It is a bagel high in protein. It contains 12% protein in its composition. They contribute to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.
  • Its sugar content is very low.
  • It does not contain trans fats or palm oil.

How to use

You can enjoy Mr Yummy's bagel any time you want a snack with white chocolate flavor.

Nutritional facts


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