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What is intra-workout?

Intra-workouts are sports supplements that aim to help maintain performance during training and competitions, as well as providing the nutrients the body needs at all times.

Intra-workouts are specifically designed to be taken during training sessions to help maintain performance, obtain energy or preserve muscle mass. There is a wide variety of intra-workout supplements available, depending on your objectives and their composition.

There are different types of intra-workout supplements depending on their composition. However, one characteristic they have in common is that they are easy and quick to digest. 

They do not upset the stomach and are absorbed within a few minutes of taking them.

Some of them are designed to maintain power and performance, to extend the duration of exercise, others for muscle mass, and even to replenish lost mineral salts.

This type of sports supplement is ideal for people who want to get the most out of their workouts. 

What is an intra-workout for?

An intra-workout supplement will help to maintain performance throughout your sports practice. 

With carbohydrates:

Intra-workouts containing carbohydrates, which help to maintain energy, can help prevent the feeling of fatigue or postpone its onset.

They also help to keep glycogen stores charged or to recharge them to maintain the intensity of the activity, among other functions.

Some of the ideal carbohydrates for intra-workouts are amylopectin or maltodextrin.

Amino acids:

Also depending on its composition, if the intra-workout supplement contains BCAAs, EEAA or other types of amino acids, it favours the maintenance of muscle mass.

This type of intra-workout nourishes the muscle tissues with the necessary amino acids at all times. It can help prevent the loss of muscle mass or catabolism.


Electrolytes are lost through sweat when we train. 

It is important to replenish them, as well as to maintain proper hydration, as they are necessary for numerous functions, including avoiding possible cramps.

When to take intra-workout?

The time to take intra-workout is during the time of training. This type of supplement is usually in powder form. They are easy to dissolve in water.

We can also find intra-workout in gel format.

How to take intra-workout?

The amount of intra-workout is determined according to the requirements of each person's body, as well as the type of training, duration and intensity. 

They are recommended for high intensity training (strength, weights, etc.) especially those with amino acids, and for long duration exercise such as cycling, marathons, etc., those based on carbohydrates and minerals.

It is recommended to follow the instructions of the selected intra-workout, as they may vary from one to another depending on the composition.

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