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Nutrimarket New 100% Whey Protein 1kg

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NUTRIMARKET 100% WHEY 1KG is the new whey protein concentrate with the highest possible quality to give you a healthy product with maximum confidence.

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What is Nutrimarket 100% Whey 1kg New?

Our whey protein concentrate is suitable for all types of people and contains DIGEZYME (enzymes for the perfect, trouble-free assimilation of proteins).

Whey protein or WHEY from NUTRIMARKET will provide your diet with a large amount of amino acids that are necessary for muscle maintenance and growth, as these are the fundamental pillars for the formation of muscle mass and to avoid catabolism in the body, a state in which the body destroys muscle mass. Instead, it enters an anabolic state in which new muscle fibres are repaired and created. Protein is therefore indispensable for muscle growth.

NUTRIMARKET 100% WHEY 1KG is rich in minerals such as sodium and calcium, which prevents sports injuries and helps against osteoporosis, especially in women over time.

Wheyco; the whey concentrate. 

To elaborate Nutrimarket New 100% Whey protein, Whyeco has been selected: it is a raw material of high quality, purity and with a range of properties.

Whyeco is a protein of German origin from milk, manufactured especially for the field of sports nutrition and the most rigorous demands of athletes.

This whey is characterised by a high percentage of protein, a great taste and a complete aminogram. It is derived from the whey of two cheeses in particular: Gouda and Edamer which contributes to maintain the quality in a constant way.

What properties does Nutrimarket 100% Whey 1kg New have?

  • Increases glutathione in the body (the most important essential antioxidant in the body).
  • Satiating effect in the body, so it prevents hunger
  • Builds muscle mass and prevents catabolism in the body
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Prevents sports injuries
  • Helps with weight loss and low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets
  • No protein blends or additives such as taurine to increase protein value
  • No artificial colours
  • Delicious flavours and easy absorption

What are the benefits of Nutrimarket 100% Whey 1kg New?

NUTRIMARKET 100% WHEY 1KG increases the amount of glutathione in the body, a derivative of amino acids that has an antioxidant function that, in a completely natural way, helps eliminate free radicals and protects the body from waste produced when exercising. It also helps to keep the body's defences on their toes.

Whey protein contains very low amounts of fat and sugars, making it an essential food for weight loss and low-carbohydrate, low-fat diets.

It is absorbed by the body very quickly, delivering precious nutrients (amino acids, minerals and vitamins) into the bloodstream in a short time, remaining in the stomach for a short time and avoiding discomfort. It also has a satiating effect on the body, preventing hunger and the stress that comes with hunger, especially when you are on a diet.

All these benefits mean that whey protein is not only of use to athletes, but is also a perfect supplement for therapeutic purposes. So whether you are a strength athlete, endurance athlete or for its dieting properties, this low carbohydrate protein will make your recovery much faster and improve your muscles.

How to take Nutrimarket 100% Whey 1kg New?

It is ideal to take a shake at any time of the day, especially after training, but also as a snack, breakfast, snack or dinner. NUTRIMARKET WHEY contains no blends as in other competing proteins, we only use Wheyco as raw material, of German origin, of the highest quality, enzymes to facilitate digestion, flavourings and sweetener. No artificial colours or other additives, we know that simple and essential is best for everyone.

NUTRIMARKET 100% WHEY 1KG has delicious flavours and dissolves very easily.

Why Nutrimarket 100% Whey 1kg New?

NUTRIMARKET 100% WHEY 1KG is our commitment to maximum value for money, what you see on the label is what you get, why pay more for the same.

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