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Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg 90 Caps

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Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg. offers an innovative formulation of vitamin C that increases its digestibility, reducing discomfort and improving its effectiveness in the body. 

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Composition of Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg.

This product contains Ester-C, a vitamin C formula.

What is it for?

Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg. is a food supplement that demonstrates the great evolution of the sports and healthy nutrition sector, whose commitment to research and development of innovations is making it continue to grow. In this case, Life Pro Essentials offers an innovative formulation of one of the most beneficial natural substances for the organism: vitamin C.

The patented Ester-C formula reduces the acidity of vitamin C to the maximum, with the aim of improving its digestibility. In this way, discomfort is minimized and, as it is more easily assimilated by the body, its properties are more effective.

Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg. is a very good natural antioxidant, ideal for combating excess free radicals. This quality can be of great importance in the case of athletes, since free radicals are a toxic substance whose presence can increase after a very demanding physical activity. Vitamin C prevents their negative impact, mainly translated into cellular oxidation.

As everyone knows, vitamin C is essential for improving defenses, but it also fulfills more unknown functions such as strengthening tendons and ligaments, synthesizing carnitine or improving recovery from injuries. For these reasons, and much more, Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg. is a perfect supplement for anyone who wants to benefit from extra high-quality vitamin C.

Benefits of Life Pro Essentials Ester C 1000mg.

  • Improved vitamin C formula.
  • Improved digestibility. More easily absorbed without discomfort.
  • Powerful natural antioxidant.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • All the benefits of vitamin C, with extra effectiveness.

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