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Life Pro Fit Food Granola Chocolate Vegan 300g

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Granola Chocolate Vegan, The best snack is here!

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Buy Life Pro FitFood Granola Chocolate Vegan Chocolate Granola 300g. Delight yourself with its taste and crunchy texture of delicious cocoa granola, oat flakes and peas, thought for breakfasts, topping, lunches and for many other purposes and recipes. There are no limits!

Delicious chocolate granola with a perfect texture...

It is vital for our health that the food we eat nourishes us in a healthy way and Life Pro FitFood Granola Chocolate Vegan 300g does just that. But is it really sustainable to eat a diet in the long term if we don't like the taste of our food? Our choco granola family is carefully thought out to give you an unbeatable taste, with a texture that makes the perfect accompaniment to yoghurt, milk, topping for smoothies, desserts or simply to enjoy on its own. Healthy eating and enjoyment go hand in hand!

Try our delicious blend of natural and nutritious ingredients, carefully selected to give you the experience you want.

Good source of protein and delicious taste too, what are you waiting for!

Life Pro FitFood Granola Chocolate Vegan 300g has 22 grams of protein per 100 grams. This granola with chocolate pieces not only has all the flavour your snack day needs to become a moment of pleasurable enjoyment, but also the perfect ally in providing the protein you need to ensure your performance at the gym.

Chocolate granola... Carbohydrate or no carbohydrate?

Science has found powerful evidence of the benefits of carbohydrates and the importance of muscle glycogen, overturning false beliefs about the demonisation of carbohydrates. So, the question is not "carbs yes or carbs no", the real question is when are we going to stop hearing bad things about carbohydrates? As always, the answer to the first question lies in getting the right balance of macronutrient intake. Our Chocolate Chip Granola gives you 56 grams of natural carbohydrates, of which only 7.4 grams are from non-industrialised sugar.

With Life Pro FitFood Granola Chocolate Vegan 300g, you'll get all the energy you need to go all out during your training sessions. What more could you ask for?

What precautions should you take into account?

Please note the following precautions before consumption:

  • Best before: See packaging.
  • Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional facts


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