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Endurance is the new line of sports supplements specially designed for all those endurance sports, their specific needs and requirements.

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What is pro Endurance?

If there is one thing that characterises endurance sports, it is the high consumption of energy and other nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Especially electrolytes are lost through sweat, as the glycogen stores, which provide energy, are depleted. They are necessary to achieve maximum performance for the longest time, as well as to support the recovery process after finishing.

Endurance, from Life Pro, offers you a variety of high quality supplements, made with the best raw materials, for all those endurance athletes looking to optimise their workouts, before, during and after their training. 

Endurance has been created with the objective of improving performance during training, preventing or reducing the onset of fatigue, keeping glycogen stores replenished, and even maintaining hydration levels and replenishing mineral salts lost through perspiration.

What is Pro Endurance for?

Among the supplements that you can find in Endurance, to improve your performance and achieve your goals we highlight the presence of:

Carbohydrates: energy supply

The energy expenditure of endurance athletes is particularly high. In Endurance , there are different supplements that provide carbohydrates, both immediately and somewhat more progressively in order to promote the loading of glycogen stores.

Carbohydrates are the macronutrient responsible for maintaining energy levels and largely preventing the onset of fatigue. The amount that each person needs to ingest is different and will depend on factors such as the duration and intensity of physical activity. 

In particular, those that are quicker to digest and assimilate are the most interesting to take during training, and which will not cause heaviness or stomach discomfort.

Isotonic drinks: minerals and hydration

During the long period that endurance sports can reach, fluids and minerals (electrolytes) are lost through sweat and breathing. It is important to replenish them as soon as possible and to ensure their supply throughout the physical activity as well as afterwards.

This type of supplementation helps to avoid the appearance of muscle cramps, as well as the organism entering into a state of dehydration. As a result, we will be able to optimise training sessions, improve endurance and the efficiency of our organism,

Other components: amino acids and proteins

Fundamental, especially after having finished the competition or training sessions, since, during the training, the muscle fibres are damaged, and it is important to repair them .

Who is pro Endurance recommended for?

Endurance is recommended for all those who practise endurance sports: running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, etc. Those in which their duration is prolonged over time and therefore require an extra supply of nutrients.

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