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Nutrimarket New 100% Whey 2 Kg

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NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg is NutriMarket's whey protein concentrate. Thanks to its manufacturing process, it manages to offer a maximum protein content while minimizing the presence of fats and sugars.

New pouch format, more economical and available in 8 flavours.

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What is NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg?

NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg is one of the best options on the market for any athlete who needs an extra supply of protein with an optimal quality/price ratio. It differs from isolates in that its protein concentration is slightly lower, as it has less filtration processes, but the benefits it offers are undoubtedly sufficient for the vast majority of sports enthusiasts.

It is an ideal supplement for improving overall physical performance, positively influencing muscle work, both in terms of performance and in boosting the creation of new muscle mass and the good recovery of fibres damaged by the impact of intense training.

What is NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg for?

Protein-based sports supplements are certainly one of the best known and most consumed categories in the industry. Perhaps for this reason, there are few people close to the field of sport who do not know the usefulness of these products; however, they can be summarised in a few main ideas.

The importance of NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg lies in its direct influence on muscle work, which is essential for any sporting discipline. Protein is a macronutrient that performs the structural tasks of the muscles, i.e. it is responsible for building their structures and strengthening them, so that they can perform their work as effectively as possible.

An extra dose of protein, such as that offered by NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg, means ensuring that muscle tissues are perfectly nourished, so they can give their best. But it also provides them with protection, preventing the body from using them as fuel, thus degrading their volume. Logically, as the nutrient that makes them up, protein has the capacity to create new muscle mass and regenerate that which has been affected after physical activity. In general terms, it nourishes, protects, builds and recovers, improving the overall performance of the muscular system.

As if all this were not enough, NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg contains very low proportions of sugars and fats that make it a supplement compatible with diets of all kinds. Its digestibility is high, so it will not cause any stomach upset.

Benefits of NutriMarket New 100% Whey 2Kg

  • Provides a high proportion of protein.
  • Low in fat and sugars.
  • Protects, nourishes and regenerates muscles.
  • Ideal for goals such as muscle volume growth.
  • Improves physical performance.
  • Available in 8 flavours.

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