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Atipick Band Latex Loop Medium 30X5Cm X 0.7mm 11-13kg Verde

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Atipick's medium loop latex band is very light, making it very easy to transport, which will allow us to do our exercises and workouts anywhere, both at home and in our gyms.


The latex band loop medium 30x5cmx0,7mm of 11-13kg of Atipick is perfect for the realization of our workouts and stretching as well as for the realization of fitness exercises and aerobic activities. However, it is made of latex, which is perfect to avoid chafing on our skin, as it is seamless. The Atipick medium latex band is perfect for exercises and muscle rehabilitation activities, as it allows us to train isolated muscle groups such as arms and legs.

The dimensions are 30x5cmx0,7mm with a resistance of 11-13kg, being very elastic, flexible and resistant.

Atipick's medium latex band is the perfect complement as well as versatile with which to practice exercise, being able to be used in pilates, yoga, exercises and fitness activities as well as in the rehabilitation of our joints.

For whom is the use of these elastic bands recommended?

Although, anyone can make use of these elastic bands, they are ideal for muscle and joint stretching as well as for strengthening them, being very useful and versatile in pilates exercises, yoga as well as therapeutic exercises and joint and muscle rehabilitation.


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