Oat Flakes Biscuit Biocop 250 G

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Biocop Oat Flakes Biscuit 250g is a perfect product to have at breakfast or as a snack to kill your appetite between meals in a healthy way. Its composition is light and, thanks to the oats and wheat, they are rich in fibre and carbohydrates. Their ingredients come from organic farming.

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Composition of Biocop Oat Flakes Biscuit 250g

This product is composed of whole grain oat flakes* (35%), whole wheat flour* (34%), sunflower seed oil* (17%), cane sugar*, corn glucose syrup*, raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), salt, natural flavouring.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

Biocop Oat Flakes 250g is the best way to have breakfast, a snack or a snack between meals without having to worry about breaking the rules of your diet. The composition of these biscuits is specially designed to help you maintain a healthy diet, but also a responsible consumption.

Oatmeal is the main ingredient, and it is one of the most outstanding cereals for its slow-absorption carbohydrate content. Thanks to this, Biocop Oat Flakes 250g provide the body with extra energy over time, as its properties are assimilated very gradually.

Biocop Oat Flakes 250g are sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic corn glucose syrup, so their properties are healthier than those of the typical biscuits that can be found in any shop.

If you are one of those people committed to the environment, Biocop Oat Flakes 250g is a perfect choice for you. Its ingredients come from organic farming, so they contribute to an ethical and respectful consumption with the planet.

Benefits of Oat Flakes Biscuit Biocop 250g

  • Healthy oat biscuits.
  • Sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic corn glucose syrup.
  • Rich in slow-absorption carbohydrates.
  • Provides sustained extra energy over time.
  • With ingredients from organic farming.
  • Product of responsible consumption.

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