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Nutrimarket New Cluster Dextrin 1kg

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Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin 1kg. is a cyclically branched dextrin for high performance athletes. Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin will give you the highest possible energy intake in a sustained manner for a long time and a fast and optimal recovery.


Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin is a latest generation sports supplement that is achieved through the enzyme-based transformation of starch, achieving a glucose-based product with a toridal structure that offers many advantages to the elite athlete as it continues to offer maximum energy while training in a sustained manner and a fast and optimal recovery.

What properties does Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin 1KG have?

  • Thanks to its high molecular weight, each molecule provides much more energy when broken down.
  • By having low osmolarity transit through the stomach is fast and passes directly to the intestine where it is absorbed and passes into the bloodstream from where it provides sustained energy and a fast and optimal recovery.
  • It is very easy to dissolve in water and its flavour makes it ideal for mixing with other supplements to avoid having to take extra doses.
  • It is easy to digest and does not cause stomach upset or other similar side effects that other supplements can cause.

Why Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin?

Take advantage with Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin of the maximum innovation in sports supplementation, getting the best results avoiding insulin peaks as this is released gradually and everything you can ask a futuristic energy source. QUALITY AND HEALTH now at your disposal.

Nutrimarket Cluster Dextrin is your perfect supplement to maintain strength and energy during your physical activity, so it is perfect to take before, during or after training or physical activity. In this way

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