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Life Pro Fit Food is a product line within the Life Pro brand that consists of a wide range of organic and healthy products that are designed to take care of your body and your health, while reaching your goals , as well as, offering healthy alternatives to a large number of foods. 

We have two common goals: to improve eating habits and to optimise performance in training through nutrition. 

The production processes are continuously adapted, adding all the latest technical developments. The ingredients , the raw materials and the technology used are constantly examined and checked to ensure that they are of the highest quality on the market.


The concept of fit food , refers to a wide variety of products including nut creams, protein breads, oil sprays etc. in order to meet the new consumer needs that have been emerging in recent years, to be in line with the new healthy lifestyles through a balanced diet. 

More and more people are adopting this lifestyle , who are becoming aware of the food they eat... even though it can sometimes be complicated due to schedules, work, etc.


fitness foods are a trend, both for people who are just starting out in healthy lifestyles and for those who are more advanced. More and more people are deciding to use them as replacements and alternatives to conventional foods.

With Life Pro Fit Food , the big sacrifices that had to be made by anyone who wanted to start a healthy eating regime, giving up many of their favourite flavours, are over. 

That's why we want to help you eat and nourish yourself in the best way. With Life Pro Fit Food products, we bring the concept of fit food closer to your everyday life.

Why choose a normal pizza base when you can choose a LifePro protein base to help you meet your nutritional requirements ?

Or why not choose Life Pro Protein cream in white chocolate instead of a traditional cream full of oils and sugars ?

Following a healthy diet is becoming easier and easier: without falling into monotony, you can find a multitude of flavours to eat in a tasty and nutritious way.

The classic products such as bread, oatmeal and oatmeal mentioned above are easy to find, but Life Pro Fit Food offers a number of innovations that can be used to complement almost any dietary food that previously could not be combined with a healthy diet.

Flavoured spreads (white chocolate, dark biscuits, peanuts), cheese, bacon or barbecue spices, chocolates or pancake mixes are some of the options offered by Life Pro Fit Food. 


  • Manufactured without added sugars.
  • The amount of protein is higher compared to a traditional product.
  • Refined oils are avoided in the manufacturing process.
  • Depending on the product, the fibre content is usually higher, facilitating digestion and intestinal transit and being more emptying.
  • Ease of adaptation: it is easy to include them in our diet, whether for fat loss, muscle mass gain, etc., without having to give up any food.
  • The taste is maintained: they are just as tasty with the advantage of being more nutritious.


Mr. Yummy is a company born with the clear purpose of filling a gap that is often forgotten by the fitness and healthy food sector. It is about breakfasts, snacks, desserts and all those moments of the day when you feel like eating something sweet to satisfy your appetite between meals. It is a need that is often seen as a problem, because there are no products that can satisfy it without providing the body with certain elements such as sugar or calories.<brWhat's more, the label "sport" is disappearing as the number of non-sporting followers of this trend grows. The reason for this democratisation of nutrition is because the benefits it brings are good for everyone; not only does it help in improving physical performance , but it has a very noticeable impact on overall health.

We are made of nutrients and everything we ingest ends up being part of us, in one way or another. With this in mind, it is very obvious that taking care of your diet undoubtedly implies taking care of yourself, and no one can deny that this is one of the most basic goals in everyday life.

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