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Encore Fitness Yoga Belt 1,8m

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The Encore Fitness Yoga Belt is an accessory designed to facilitate the performance of various yoga exercises, improve flexibility and posture.

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What is the Encore Fitness yoga belt?

The yoga belt is an accessory that facilitates the execution of stretches, exercises, improves posture and allows you to deepen your posture. It is the ideal accessory for all those who practice yoga and wish to improve and get the most out of each session, exercise, asana or stretching.

It is suitable for all levels, from advanced yoga practitioners to those who are just starting out.

Thanks to this comfortable belt, it is now easier and more comfortable to add tension to exercises, deep stretching, greater stability and as a result, improved exercise technique. 

Features of the Encore Fitness yoga belt

The Encore Fitness yoga belt is available in 8 sizes or attachments. 

Thanks to the different sizes of the adjustments, you can adapt the Encore Fitness belt to your level and to each exercise for maximum comfort and support.

In addition, it has a total length of 1.8 metres.

The Yoga belt is the ally of all yoga practitioners. 

To protect it and take it with you: it comes with a comfortable black fabric bag where you can store it and take it with you to your favourite places. 

Benefits of the Encore Fitness yoga belt

  • Continued use will help increase your flexibility levels, and therefore help you progress in performing different asanas.
  • You will be able to perform more advanced postures with the help of each size. It allows you to bend your body and back more easily to perform more complicated asanas.
  • Correct postures and help to internalise the movement.
  • Increase strength levels because it makes it easy to quickly and easily add tension to all your exercises.
  • Provides the support needed to improve body alignment and posture. It is a versatile and comfortable support.
  • Improves quality of movement and positioning.
  • Extends the reach and approach of some parts of the body to others.
  • It allows us to try new postures that we are not able to do due to physical limitations.
  • Progress and advance in their performance until the body adapts to them.
  • Deepen the stretching: not only will it allow you to stay longer doing each stretch, it will also allow you to do more stretches.

Who is the Encore Fitness Yoga Belt recommended for?

The yoga belt is an accessory recommended for all those who practice yoga. 

beginners: it will allow the performance and advancement of postures, asanas and stretches that we are not yet able to achieve due to lack of flexibility, range of motion or strength. 

advanced: it can help to achieve the most difficult postures and finish perfecting and improving the technique of many others. 

It is ideal for all levels where additional help is needed to deepen the postures. 

For people who do not have sufficient levels of flexibility, those who need extra support or who want to finish improving their body posture it can be a great tool.

How to train with the Encore Fitness yoga belt?

The belt has 8 different sizes in which you can place your hands or feet by hooking them together to perform each exercise according to your abilities and needs.

You can use the belt standing, lying or sitting. Perform postures such as Navasana or boat pose, seated clamp or aschimottanasana, cow face or Gomukhasana or stretches for the quadriceps or calves, sides, biceps, shoulder, triceps, back and lower back.

Why choose the Encore Fitness Yoga Belt?

The Encore Fitness Yoga Belt is an ideal accessory that you can include in your yoga sessions to perform asanas or postures with greater ease and extra support.

It will allow you to bring your arms and hands closer to your feet, stretch your back, bend your body, perform stretches and bring parts of your body closer to you than is physically possible.

It is of great help in improving body posture and achieving correct alignment. 

It will also allow us to increase the range of movement of our joints, as well as passive stretching and as a result improve flexibility.

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