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Encore includes a variety of methods to keep your body toned. Specialists in sports conditioning, corrective exercise and weight loss.

Encore Fitness is a rather peculiar company within the sports industry, as it stands out for its surprisingly focused specialisation in one particular type of product .In this case, their production focuses on sports girdles, although they have been adding products to their catalogue, such as shakers or elastic bands.

It should be noted that, thanks to this exclusivity in the manufacture of a particular article, the Encore Fitness girdles have achieved a professionalism that makes them ideal for anyone who needs to use them. It is a type of sports accessory that is not often taken into account, but it can be of vital importance when it comes to avoiding injuries and protecting the lower back, one of the areas that suffers the most impact from fitness.

Encore Fitness and the importance of sports equipment

It's clear to everyone that sport is one of the most beneficial activities there is, and not just for fitness.

There is no doubt that toning the body is the primary goal of many people, but mental health is also positively affected by introducing exercise as a daily routine. We could go on listing the benefits of sport, but we would never finish, so we have chosen to sum it all up in one sentence: sporting activity has only one drawback, injuries.

No matter how much we think about it, it is going to be very difficult to find another negative aspect of physical exercise, so avoiding any kind of bone or muscle damage may be the key to making our sporting life only bring us beneficial properties.

Achieving effective and complete prevention is not easy, but it is very possible. There are many ways to do it, and each person will feel more confident with some than with others, depending on their characteristics. To try to encompass all the methods, we are going to separate them into two large groups: on the one hand, understanding our body and, on the other hand, choosing the right sports equipment.

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The connection between the athlete's body and mind

An athlete must achieve a total connection with his or her body, allowing him or her to pick up on the signals it is giving him or her. It may seem surreal, but our muscles - for example - are capable of communicating with us through signals of many kinds. The most common are overloads: small annoyances that, if not interpreted correctly, can lead to more serious problems such as fibre ruptures.

Experience is the best ally when it comes to reaching a full understanding between body and mind, but we must also try to concentrate on the body's stimuli, in order to grasp them and use their meaning to avoid inconveniences.

Encore Fitness Girdles: optimal prevention and protection

The other category of prevention methods is the one that shows us the importance of companies like Encore Fitness . Sportswear should not only focus on the aesthetic aspect, because it can play a fundamental role in maintaining optimal health.

Encore Fitness girdles are a must-have accessory for anyone who suffers from lower back problems. This is a part of the body on which a significant part of the impact of some exercises, such as weight lifting, falls. In addition, its design also protects the back and abdominal area, while helping to shape the muscles in these areas.

As mentioned above, in addition to sports bands, Encore Fitness offers shakers , elastic bands and even an insulated bag, perfect for carrying your food to the gym.

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